Changing the Face of Rnb with Bari Records 


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Meet the Man with the Plan 


"Bringing back classic rhythm and blues one song at a time." With his goals set in stone, 24-year-old Jabari is here to pave the way back to that timeless and authentic sound. She Buzzin was able to catch up with the talented young CEO and learned quite a bit. 


Deep in the midst of preparing for the launch of his label, Bari Records, Jabari is putting his impeccable work ethic to the test. Taking his learnings from two well respected labels, Bad Boy and Roc Nation, Jabari has transformed his skills to execute his vision. "I always wanted to work at Bad Boy. I would always see the Biggie videos, hear "Juice" on the radio and I always wanted to be a part of it"  Simply working at Bad Boy was the tip of the iceberg. Jabari has dotted his I's and crossed his T's. Read more of his amazing story below.



Q and A


She: "Where are you based?"


Jabari: "Im based out of New Jersey"


She:"How did you get started? "


Jabari:"Long story short, I was throwing parties, building a name for myself in South Carolina, where I went to school. One of Diddy's former head of security reached out to me, who was working as a Ciroc ambassador asked if I want to intern at Bad Boy and I said "Yeah" and the rest is history. I interned for Bad Boy all throughout college and my last semester, I worked with Roc Nation. I started out working with Puff's executive office helping the senior level executives then I was moved to marketing and promotions where I worked with Ciroc." 


She: "What do you want to do?"


Jabari: "At this point, I really love RnB and soul music and I feel as though it's missing. For the past 20 years, It's pretty much been a lost genre and I want to restore and bring it back. I believe we need this generation's Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, TLC and Boys II Men." 


She: "So I take it you're not a fan of the RnB music you hear now and what's circulating on the market?"


Jabari: "My approach is that I want to bring back traditional RnB. What I hear on the radio is very trendy. They're talented, but it's all trendy. I want to bring back that sound that put you in a certain mind frame and speaks directly to your heart. People really singing their hearts out, that's what we're missing."


She: "How do you feel about the music coming out of Jersey?"


Jabari: "The music coming out of Jersey is actually pretty dope. There are a lot of rappers coming up, especially out of Jersey City, my hometown that are doing numbers. But as far as RnB, there are people that sing but they're trying to sound like everyone else. I blame the labels because they're not making a demand for that kind of music anymore. The demand is really trendy, not 'sing your heart out'"


She: "Do you have a set launch date?"


Jabari: "Launch party and things like that will come. I haven't set a date just yet but I've been scouting some artists for a long time and once I get these two artists signed, we'll have the launch party  and things will really take off!" 


She: "So you're currently scouting for artists?"


Jabari: "Yes, I am. I have these two that I'm really passionate about. Once I get them on contract, we'll get things going with the music." 


She: "What are some goals for 2017 for Bari Records?"


Jabari: "I want that soul-stirring RnB music back in the rotation. I want music that caters to all demographics. I want music that changes the face of RnB. Summer plans for Bari Records, I want to get two singles out and a video. I want to take over in a sense by getting into social media engagement and heavy radio rotation.  Put something out that's really going to set the tone for the summer, my label, and RnB. Expect a lot of showcases and Open Mics. There's a lot in store. 


She: "Do you accept music referrals?"


Jabari: "I'm different I accept all referrals, whether if it's coming from a third party or not. If the person can sing, then I'm interested. I'm interested in actual talent doesn't matter what I have to do to get the talent, I'll do whatever it takes. 


She: "Do you accept artist who don't necessarily classify themselves as RnB but sings nonetheless?"


Jabari: "Most definitely! I said RnB just to paint the picture but I looking for universal artists in general." 


She: "How can artist submit their work to you?"


Jabari: "They can send their submission to That's the best way to reach me." 



There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Bari Records is on the rise. Jabari knows exactly what he wants and is determined to crush every milestone for Bari Records along the way. If you're a RnB artist, Bari records want to hear from you. He's also looking to expand his team, so if you're interested in joining, feel free to reach out!  Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a sister to tell a brother! Bari Records will be taking off so don't miss your chance! 

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