Mark Steele on the 1's and 2's


North Carolina emcee Mark Steele is ready to make 2018 his year. With the recent premiere of his music video "Good Time", Mark delicately makes preparations to deliver new and exciting content throughout the upcoming months.  Check out just what Mark has in mind for 2018 and get to know the man behind the music.



Q & A


She:  What was it like working with 9TH Wonder, Rapsody and some of the other hip-hop giants you've worked with?


Mark: Great learning experience. I was able to work with them early in their process, as well as mine; so the knowledge I gain is valuable.


She: Any major lessons learned that have stuck with you now?


Mark: Of course, so many! One that naturally comes to mind is to just have the courage to be authentic as possible. In hiphop it’s easy to get caught up in “what’s hot”. That can indirectly stray you away from what’s actually you, but an artist must realize that. We determine what’s hot if people don’t recognize that instantly, just work until they get it. 


She: Who would you say inspires you musically?


Mark: I’m inspired daily by so many artists, styles, and even moods. It’s so broad, so naming just one or two people wouldn’t feel justifiable.


She: What was the inspiration behind "Good Time"?


Mark:  Probably the weather. The beat was sent to me in the summertime while driving somewhere. The lyrics, the cadence, and melody just rolled off my tongue. Not all the time but, sometimes it effortlessly happens like that. 


She: When can we expect to hear the full album?


Mark:  I don’t really to want to give an expectation of when just yet. Not in this form at least, it’ll come in a more calculated and creative form. 


She: What can people expect from It's Been a Minute?


Mark:  Definitely expect more growth compared to my last album Almost Time.  You’ll hear joy, pain, and even a statement of mind I don’t believe I’ve ever expressed through music before. A couple flashback to my past as well. The production, the sound quality, the content is so much better. Better than my last and better than what I’ve been hearing put out by my peers lately. It’s a complete album in my opinion. If you love good albums, you’ll really enjoy this next one.


She: What future collaborations can we look forward to hearing from you?


Mark: I’ve worked with Khrysis and Kash both from 9TH Wonder’s production team “Soul Council” as well as my an Evolution Camp in-house producer’s Mike Bannon, & Riot. I kept the features lite, Not too sure which records will make the project so I won’t blast them off yet, but we’ll see.


She: What are some of your plans for 2018?


Mark:  More music, more dope and creative visuals, more pop-ups and shows too. We got some good ideas to interact with the audience on social media too. We’ll see what sticks.



There you have it! It's like Mark said, If you're a fan of art and good music, only good things will come from waiting to hear what he does next. Be sure to catch up with Mark on all things music on social media! 

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