Music Executive and "Hustle In Brooklyn" star Alicia Gooding gives Indie Artists some Industry Advice

January 1, 2019

The entertainment and music industry is more than just what goes on in the studio or on the stage. The real hustle happens behind the scenes. The managers, booking agents, and publicists all create the plays and make the moves that determine what fans come to love…or hate.

One of the major players behind the stage is Alicia Gooding who is the founder of C.O.D.E (Curators of Defining Experiences), a brand management, publicity, and A&R firm located in New York City. Additionally, she has become one of the standout cast mates on BET’s new 10-episode docu-series, “Hustle in Brooklyn.”  The series focuses on 13 young millennial professionals from Brooklyn, following their lives and challenges, as they chase their dreams.


Before becoming a big-time publicist and landing herself on television, Alicia got her start at a marketing agency; working with Amber Rose. She finally went out on her own, Alicia decided to create an event marketing company which later switched to public relations and management. However, she didn't work directly in the music industry until her longtime client and friend, Erica Mena, introduced her to rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s management.

Apparently, the rapper and his team were very impressed with Alica’s ability to turn a reality star into a mainstream media attraction. What was supposed to be a simple meet and greet, turned into a six-hour planning session. After that moment, Alicia not only successfully rolled out A.Boogies first project but she's also been able to work with Safaree, Fatboy SSE, Briana Perry, and even Busta Rhymes.



Knowing what it takes to get noticed Alicia wanted to give some quick advice to all the indie artist out there looking to take things to the next level!


CONTENT IS KING – Create and control your narrative.

DOCUMENT...DOCUMENT...DOCUMENT- You should have a camera in the studio with you, on the road with you, at performances with you. You know why? REFER TO #1

HUNGER SHOULD BE YOUR MOTIVE- No one should want this more than you. You should eat, breath, and sleep your craft. If you don’t, it will show.

A FOR EFFORT- How much work are you already putting in without the help of a team?

CREATIVITY COUNTS- Please, please, don’t try to move like everyone else. How does that help you?

BE READY, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET READY- Have something to present. I’m not a bank, I don’t hold money. Be ready to work…give me something to work with.


You can get to know more about Alicia and how she’s running the game by following her on all social media at @MsGooding and catch up on this season of “Hustle in Brooklyn” on, where you can find full episodes and behind the scenes footage.


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