The Scoop on Phlow 

By: She


It's important to recognize talent when you come across it. Already featured in the SourceMagazine and Hypefressh Mag, we wanted to know all there was to know about Phlow. Couldn’t help but feel the need to pick her brain about her music style, her inspirations as well as her influences and current listening choices. Be sure to check Phlow out on social media.


Instagram:  @phlowetry

Twitter: @phlowetry





SHE: When did you first start music?


PHLOW: Well...Technically I have  been secretly writing and storing up verses/voice notes since 2008,once I got into school and started meeting like minds  I decided to finally start recording little verses at a friends studio in school and joined a gospel rap group .But 2014 is when I officially decided to go all into making music


SHE: Where are you based now?


PHLOW: I am based in Lagos, Nigeria. I was born and bred here actually


SHE: What do you love about making music?


PHLOW: Wow...everything really... From the production angle to the lyrics . Music has always been my best form of expression . Being able to actually create something that ...maybe just pops into your head at a random time and following it through till the end , writing, recording, it's an amazing feeling . Like they say music is a universal language, what's not to love about it ?


SHE: Who are your musical influences?


PHLOW: They range from Nas, Eminem, Nelly, Outkast, TI, Drake to Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Paramorr... I'm drawn to almost every genre and listened to just about anything growing up.


SHE: What was the inspiration behind your recent EP Mind, Body and Phlow?


PHLOW: Mind Body and Phlow was actually started off as one track with Teck-Zilla, we had just recorded  "Reminder" and it was great... We kept on going and it became that Ep... The idea was just to be...Phlow on dope beats.  


SHE: What are you currently working on?


PHLOW: I am currently working on a couple of projects with a few talented people. My next project is actually a short one with *Swedish producer Ryko and Teck-Zilla, a little different from MBP. And there's another joint project coming shortly after with another talented rapper ,Cyclone....coming to you.


SHE: How would you describe your style of music?


PHLOW: My style of music, is hip hop ... with an ear for different genres.



SHE: Do you have any shows coming up soon?


PHLOW: Hennessy cognaq cypher 2016


SHE: What are you goals for the rest of 2016?


PHLOW: My goal is just to keep working, developing the sound. You are definitely going to hear a lot more from me 


SHE: Who would you love to collaborate with?


PHLOW: That's a tough one, there are loads of local acts I would love to work with here like Falz, MI, Poe....International acts Drake, Kendrick, J- Cole


SHE: What are some of your hobbies?


PHLOW: My hobbies pretty much revolve around music, production, a little basketball every now and then 


SHE: How would you describe your persona?


PHLOW: I am a pretty laid back person.. I like to keep it mellow :)


SHE: Is there anyone in the industry you would like to work with?


PHLOW: In terms of Producers ?**Timbaland , J- Cole and Kanye


SHE: How can your fans reach you and keep up with you?



PHLOW: They can hit me up on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram : @phlowetry



SHE: What’s something about yourself that people wouldn’t expect?


PHLOW: Hmmm... I a total tech/gadget nerd...


SHE: If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?


PHLOW: Well I read computer science, so I would be heavily into the IT industry ...


SHE: Name 3 songs you’re really enjoying at the moment.


PHLOW: Drake - Weston Road Flows 

DNCE - Toothbrush 

Good as Hell - Lizzo



Now make sure you keep up with Phlow because this is just the beginning for her. Expect to see her make strides in the industry. We have no doubt that she'll become a household name in the near future.