Fousheé Gets Personal on "By One"

June 5, 2018


Let Fousheé's sweet lulling voice transport you into a different dimension with her single "By One." Listening to this track will feel like being in the audience of a live recording. Foushee's lyrics sheds light on romantic affairs, bittersweet emotions and the realization of things coming to an end. Featured on her newly released EP Speak Up, Fousheé shares her take on life in her musical artistry. Fousheé says "This EP touches on topics like substance abuse, the current race war, situational friendships, & of course love! My goal was to give these topics a fresh perspective and sound." Mission accomplished! This sultry soul singer brings amazing musical arrangements with the her use of timeless instruments in her catalog. Check out "By One" below and don't hesitate to listen to Fousheé's EP Speak Up below 



More About Foushee 

The daughter of founding member and drummer of the all-female reggae band PEP, Foushee spent the better part of her formative years soaking influences from Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Prince, The Beatles, and Toni Braxton.  


As an artist today, Fousheé's bold fusion of alternative rock, jazz, and r&b comprises her unique sound. In addition to studying with private vocal trainers as a child, Fousheé has studied media, classical music, background arranging, guitar, and piano. She acquired hands-on knowledge by performing with some of the most world renowned musicians in NYC. She currently keeps her musical chops sharp by studying and training with celebrity vocal trainer Craig Derry.


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