Asoh Black Releases New Mixtape 'Black Ocean'

February 26, 2020


Brooklyn native Asoh Black debuts his powerhouse mixtape Black Ocean. Starting the project off with a lyrical freestyle, this emcee displays his perspective on his dreams, blackness, growth, and real rap. The depth in each track makes Black Ocean an experimental adventure for music listeners. When asked how Brooklyn influenced his sound, Asoh replied...


"It has always been a subconscious benefit. You’re required to always be top tier, or at least maintain that mentality...Your lyrics always have to speak to the prowess within your vernacular and that shit’ll always keep me on my toes. I always remind myself I’m expected to relay a message at all times because my lyrics are always being looked at." 


From start to finish Asoh stretches his artistic craftsmanship by featuring tracks like "Boarding Flights" ,"Foolie", and some of his personal favorites, "Tell Me Lies" and "Breakfast n' Rewind" all in one body of work.  

Read what inspired this new mixtape below. 


"Honestly I felt as though I needed a project that my fans, as a community, could gravitate towards and take pride in. I felt as though I had released enough EPs and singles, and it was time I delivered something more fulfilling to the appetite of listeners today. In terms of the concept, Black Ocean comes from the term “blue ocean,” which is an innovation strategy companies use to combat “red ocean” industries that become stagnant in innovation.... Blue ocean strategies encourage tapping in to what consumers resonate best with and building innovation from there."  


Focused on standing out, and making an impact Asoh is ready to take things up a notch.  

Listen to Black Ocean below.



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