Get into Duece Flame's 'Headspace'

February 27, 2020


Houston bred-Los Angeles based artist Duece Flame debuts his new album Headspace. The 16-track project depicts the mental landscape of this artist as he shares the evolution of his mental health through a lyrical trip. Self produced, written and engineered, Duece Flame is making a name for himself with the intent to sharpen his musical skill set. Check out our Q&A with Duece Flame below. 


What was the inspiration behind "No Cap"?

 "I was in Oakland celebrating my birthday and decided to book a studio session to show myself what was most important to me. It’s dope to say I brought in a new birth year doing what I loved and that energy was in full effect when I was picking my best to rap on. I came across the beat which was called “Astral” before I intended it to be “No Cap”, and immediately started to think about how far I’ve come in my journey as an artist. The feeling of “graduation” is what inspired the line 'Flame done graduated I don’t need to cap and gown' because I was feeling like I unlocked a new way of life at that moment. I wanted to express how I’m here to make a statement, but I’m also here to leave an impact with my style, delivery and confidence." 

"Tagged" has a very unique instrumental, how often do you experiment with new sounds in your music?

"Every time I produce I’m doing something experimental with my music. I feel like I have an experimental approach with everything I do in life, which leaks into the way that I create music."

Why was it important for you to join singles from 'The Plot' and 'The Memory' together?

"It was important because technicalities was preventing me from releasing the album officially as a 2 part project. For the 3 years that I developed Headspace I was always divided when it came to my approach with the music between my love life, my home life, social life, and being a recent college graduate. I wasn’t stable, I would start things and not finish them, I wasn’t looking to put my best wishes first, and all of this was the reason why I couldn’t let technicalities hold me back from releasing the album."

What is one message you want fans or new listeners to take away from this project?

Don’t be afraid to believe in what you once did. It’s so easy to stray away from ideas because someone makes you feel like it’s not good, even though you worked yourself up to believe it was the next best thing in the world. Maybe it will be, maybe it won’t, but you will never know that if you don’t act. What lesson is there to learn if there isn’t any action taking place? Gotta keep going, that’s how the greats made it to where they are today.

What were some of your personal favorites from this album?


“S.O.U.R” is one of my favorite songs from the album because it really puts my entire grind into one song. It’s a great reflection on my approach to life and how I won’t stop until I accomplish everything I set my mind out to do. “Locomotion” is one of my favorite songs to perform because it’s dope how the crowd participation gets when I do the “Choo Choo” part of the hook, it’s fun as hell! “Black Tee” will forever hold a place in my heart because it’s the first song that I performed that really made an entire crowd go crazy. The energy on that track is too lit, how can you not like that track? 


Listen to Headspace below.


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