October 7, 2019


When it comes to giving advice to those who are endeavoring to make a mark within the music industry, advice comes in many forms from a hue of people who play apart in various industry roles. Whether it’s talk show hosts, bloggers, record label execs, A&R’s, managers, promoters etc.; It’s often difficult for up-and-coming artists to relate to more establish artists and seek advice from industry moguls to help them overcome their challenges. Artists rarely gain insight of the music business from someone who has effectively worked behind the scenes. Building a strong relationship with your fans is crucial to your success as an artist. A killer live show is a great way to win over new fans and keep your current ones happy. Make a great impression on stage and make sure the audience remembers you. There are major players who assist in helping artists connect directly with their fans online and in person.


One of the major players behind the scenes is Charlotte, NC talk show host Jasmine “JazzyB” Byrd, who is the founder of Vibin With JazzyB, a talk show that promotes no gossip or scandals but promotes good vibes and great energy. Vibin With JazzyB, has become one of North Carolina’s favorite and fastest growing live talk shows.  Giving fans an intimate experience, she makes each artist personality flourish.


Before becoming a full time talk show host JazzyB, has been part of numerous podcasts, radio & TV shows such as; Soul Logistics, On the edge. WBTV, 106.5 The Beat, HB Media, and Level 21 TV. Jasmine has also hosted shows for celebrities such as Lenny Williams, Tye Tribett, Smokie Robison, Ying Yang Twins, and more.


Working for multiple media and magazine companies. JazzyB’s journey continued in 2017, where she interviewed mainstream celebrities. Jasmine’s long resume of interviews consists of Michael Blackson, Michael Vick, Jermaine Dupree, Mylssa Ford, Perez Hilton, Angel Brinks, Dr. Umar Johnson, Trina Braxton, Terri. J Vaughn, Tisha Campbell Martin, Big Daddy Kane, Jhonnie Blaze, Shay Johnson, The Harlem Globetrotters and many more.



Jasmine knows how hard it is to land those BIG interviews, but when you do land one of course you want to be prepared.  The queen dropped 10 tips for She Buzzin’, that she encourages all artists to know about preparing for interviews.




COME PREPARED FOR ANYTHING - If you say you're the best rapper, singer etc. be prepared to be put on the spot.


DON’T TALK TOO ‘COOL” WHERE YOU'RE NOT SPEAKING CLEARLY- There's no point in having an interview that no one can understand.


COME DRESSED AS “THE ARTIST “YOU WANT TO BE PERCEIVED AS (Image is EVERYTHING) If you're a rapper, don't go In a suit, go swaggy.


BE PREPARED TO TELL YOUR TRUTH (Say what you mean, mean what you say) You don't want to be the person with a video resurfacing of things you didn't really mean.


DO YOUR RESEARCH ON WHO’S INTERVIEWING YOU - it will help you know what you're walking into.


KNOW WHAT YOU WANT THE OUTCOME TO BE - Be clear with your intentions, so you execute each interview.


COME 5 TO 10 MINUETS EARLY SO YOU CAN MEET THE HOST AND THE TEAM OF THE SHOW - You don't want to just drive right in, give yourself a chance to get comfortable and familiar with the vibe.




BRING A NOTEPAD these days your bombarded with questions that you may need to write down to make sure answer properly.



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