Lessons Learned From 'Shake The Snow Globe'

February 4, 2020



Known for his unapologetic attitude, Russ shares his new album Shake The Snow Globe. This album is filled with quotable lines and bops that will weave themselves into future playlists to come.  After sitting with this project for a few days, I realized this dynamic song maker etches profound lessons into his songs. Some rooted in love, others in self-evaluation, the tucked gems are some of the most valuable and need to be highlighted. Here are 12 lessons picked up from the album.


Song: “Need A Minute”

Lesson: “Neighbors turn to paparazzi”


In this social media age where everything is driven by what you post, the truth of the matter is your neighbors regardless of how close they are to you, will turn and speak on your life. Everyone’s a mini reporter. What matters most is living your life your way. Are you living for them or are you living for yourself?


Song:  “Guess What” 

Lesson:“Race against your doubt a lot and y’all aint running fast enough”


Now this one might have flown over your head but I had to acknowledge this. It lies awake at night, sits right beside you and cheers your negative thoughts when you let yourself slip into the hole of pity. Realizing that you’ll always feel that way when you don’t outrun your own doubts and tap into your pool of self belief.  


Song: “A lot More”

Lesson:“Truth is more important than your feelings”


The truth will always be the game changer. It’s the bitter medicine we all need but refuse to take.  Although “A lot More” is an uplifting tune that speaks of the upgraded landscape of his life, Russ drops this piece and it, along other mention-able bars, speaks volumes. Feelings often stand in the way of being able to see the truth for what it is. The truth will set you free, regardless of how you feel after. 


Song: “Can’t Go On”

Lesson:“You shouldn’t act like you come with a mothafucking price tag.” 


This is one of my favorites because so much of it relates to a person’s self worth and love for oneself. As someone who has delved into her own exploration of self through self love, I completely agree with Russ, equating yourself to material things is not the wave. There’s nothing wrong with acquiring nice things, but giving up yourself in exchange shouldn’t be the motive. No one should be able to buy you. 


Song: “Asshole”

Lesson:“ I love me to death and I ain't afraid to show it .” 


Touching back on the self love, Russ is an apologetic person whose confidence offends many. His unshakable belief is refreshing and should be looked upon as inspiration. The lesson picked up from this track couldn’t be clearer, never be afraid to shine bright and love the way you add light to a room. A bit metaphorical but yes, love yourself first and don’t be afraid to show it.



Lesson:“Now it’s been so long we don't know where our heart is.” 


This is definitely a favorite because it speaks of a romantic endeavor, used to pass the time. Seeking escape from reality through the use of powerful vices. Whether that be sex, drugs or other agents, after awhile one can become emotionally detached. Many can relate to a time in their lives where they lost the “feeling” part of themselves.


Song:“All To You”

Lesson:“This ain't punishment, this is a beautiful mess.” 


Finding comfort in someone who can help you through dark times is inevitable. This song is such a beautiful display of instrumental arrangements and lyrics that passion. Everything is not always what It seems. Some of the greatest things are right under our noses. 



Lesson:“What I think of comes true.” 


The man who understands the power of his mind is a dangerous man. The saying “thoughts become things” is a saying because it's true. What your mind focuses on will eventually turn into reality. The reason why I wanted to point this out over any other lyric is because others should be reminded of the power they hold. There are many things that you can accomplish when you match your thoughts to your desired outcome.  



Lesson:“Letting people getting too close is my only regret” 


As I heard this I thought, the only real regret is letting the wrong ones get too close in the beginning. Learning to use your own discernment  of who to trust takes time. You live and you learn. 


Song:“I Thought You Got Me”

Lesson:“I won’t do you how you did me, I won’t laugh and embarrass ya.” 


Revenge takes care of itself. That can be hard to face, but in the end it's usually the best form of action.


Song:“Foot On The Gas”

Lesson:"Even if they take me out this life, they won't take me out this soul."


This song makes you realize just how important it is to stay true to yourself. The one thing that no one can take from you is your soul and to prioritize that union in self is massive. 



Lesson:"Memories over money."


I'll be sure to play this song for my momma when I've reached my own version of Russ's level. The thing is, this is the exact kind of song that reminds you that best moments in our lives should be cherished over the amount of money we make.


Thanks for joining me in my exploration of lessons learned from Russ’ new album. What lessons did you pick up along the way?


Words by: @shebytheway


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